How Do I Create a Kami Account?

Want to sign up to use Kami? Great! Welcome on board. Signing up is incredibly quick and easy. To get started, search us on your web browser at

From here, enter your email address you wish to sign up with, and the password you intend to use. So long as the email address is not connected to another Kami account, you will be forwarded to this page: 

Fill out your details once again, and click continue. From here you will be prompted to your dashboard where you can open your first file. Either drag it from your desktop, or you can open it from Google Drive or Dropbox if you are using the web version. 

Once your file is open, you're ready to go. To find out more about what to do next, have a look here and here

When you sign up with Kami, you will automatically have a FREE Kami account. If you would like to upgrade to either Kami Premium or Kami Work for more features, you can by clicking on your profile in the top right of the screen, and then on the little lightning bolt. Find out more about our different avvounts and pricing here.