How Can I Share My Annotated File?

Sharing can be done through a variety of ways.

1. Via Google Drive 

Using Google Drive you can share a PDF document with other users who will automatically see your annotations as you make them should they choose to open the file with us. Sharing through Google Drive is a simple process where you just need to right-click the file and select 'Share' as seen below:

Once you select Share, you will be able to add any collaborators you wish to the document as well as setting their rights level. 

Provided anyone this is shared with also opens the file in Kami you will all be able to easily collaborate in the Google Drive instance of the Document in real time.

2. Via Kami
For those who do not use Google Drive, sharing can be done via the share icon in the top right corner of Kami. 

There you will see this display:

Once the file is uploaded to our servers you will be provided with a link and display like this:

This link can then be shared with any that you wish to work with, provided they open it with Kami you will both be able to collaborate on the same document.


For sharing, outside of Kami see the export options here.