How are my files and annotations stored?

Kami is a cloud based service. That means that we do not save the files, instead we save the file's annotations. When you re-open a file in Kami, we recognize the file (if it is the same), and the file's annotations are loaded.

The Kami cloud sync is almost instantaneous. You may notice the icon in the screenshot below, which means that your annotations have been saved to the Kami cloud sync.

If you are working offline, you will instead see this icon:

This means that you need to wait to come back online before closing the document, or your annotations will not be saved to the Kami cloud sync.

If you want a file directory to save your files, we would recommend using Google Drive.

You can upload any file to Drive by selecting the Save button in the top right (looks like a floppy disk), and then selecting Upload under the Google Drive heading.

 After you have uploaded the file, you can save back to Drive by selecting Save now. This option is found under the Google Drive heading, after you have uploaded the file.

Note that the Kami cloud sync is separate from the Google Drive sync, and that they have different alerts.